InterConverse | a Marketing Automation Platform

InterConverse is a marketing automation platform that enables small businesses to succeed by increasing revenue, improving ROI, and deepening brand loyalty with customers. InterConverse provides a new destination to speak with your audience.
A New Destination
Create and display PopOvers on virtually any website.
Engage Your Audience
Create & display beautifully designed Landing Pages.
Improve Revenue & ROI
Create & send beautifully designed targeted Email.
Targeted Conversation
Speak to your audience with beautiful Content.


A new destination to speak with your audience.

InterConverse is a marketing automation "Engine" that empowers your digital marketing campaigns. With InterConverse you can create, manage, and deploy landing pages, popovers, CTAs, and other campaign ad assets for social media platforms, websites, and blogs quickly and easily without IT or development support. InterConverse allows you to easily send targeted and engaging messages that speak directly to your customers. InterConverse collects real-time, actionable data that lets you personalize the inbound experience based on what works, not guesswork. Find out how you can integrate the power of InterConverse into your digital marketing efforts.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing


The InterConverse Platform

Take control of your digital marketing campaigns

Why InterConverse?

Beautifully Designed

Beautifully designed responsive content blocks, ready to drag and drop. Engage your audience with thoughtful, relevant content.

  • A distraction-free editing area.
  • Powerful layout with responsive design that can be adapted to any screen size.
  • Drag and drop content to create beautiful pages and email quickly and easily.
  • Collection of more than 450 beautifully designed content blocks.
  • Deep customization with a powerful WYSIWYG and HTML editor.
  • In-page image, map, and video embed.

Design and Configuration

Design Examples

Personalized experience

Deliver a targeted conversation that reinforces the desire of your audience to continue their inbound journey.

  • Inbound experience configuration: theme templates, landing page and pop-over ad timers, active design headers and more.
  • Create beautiful targeted ad assets. Either landing page, pop-over, email, or customized.
  • Acquisition assets: contact and email newsletter form design blocks.
  • Branded domains: use your own branded domain to reinforce the bond between your brand and your audience.
  • Integrated Email, CMS and Google Analytics.
  • Share and bookmark ad campaigns to over 300 social platforms.

Send Segmented Email

InterConverse gives you the tools necessary to manage and segment your email subscribers so that you can send targeted and engaging messages.

  • Create and send beautiful and engaging HTML emails using the built-in content builder.
  • Manage your email subscribers.
  • Segment your subscribers based on 28 demographic data points.
  • Import and Export your email subscriber list.
  • Track open and click-through rates.
  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant.

Email Management

A/B Testing

Easily determine the best-performing campaign assets by conducting A/B tests on multiple campaign assets with various treatments.

  • Create testing campaigns by associating individual campaign links to test groups.
  • Run multiple test campaigns simultaneously for the same destination.
  • Determine the best-performing campaign designs by real-time analytics, statistical probability and relevance.
  • Easily determine the population size needed to get statistically relevant results.
  • Test any element on a page including your headlines, images, and text.

Partner Revenue Share

As a InterConverse Revenue Share Partner you will earn a percentage of the revenue generated from InterConverse affiliate relationships. By utilizing InterConverse revenue ad assets in the InterConverse Content Builder, every sale made through those ad assets will make you money.

  • Enjoy a 50% revenue share!
  • Enjoy a low $25 payout commission structure.
  • Create dynamic revenue generating web page content.
  • Drive higher conversions by displaying well known brands.
  • Improve your marketing workflow and generate revenue for your website faster than ever before.

Start earning money today!

InterConverse Marketing Platform is free. Try It!

The Customer Journey

A targeted message that speaks to your audience

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Customer Journey
Customer Journey
Customer Journey
Customer Journey
Customer Journey

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Campaign Links

Shorten your long marketing links into branded short InterConverse campaign links for an easier content sharing experience.

Branded Domains

Use your own branded domain to reinforce the bond between your brand and your audience.

Asset Management

Assign targeting criteria for each marketing asset in order to provide a targeted conversation during the inbound marketing journey.

Experience Management

Decide how you speak to your audience on the inbound marketing journey by controlling the landing page experience.

A/B Testing

Find out what works best through A/B testing of interstitial ad assets, landing pages, email and destinations.

Create Beautiful Content

Drag and Drop content to create beautiful pages quickly and easily. Deep customization with the integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor.


Google analytics, API integration hooks, integrated email and CMS.


Native click analytics including click-through, open rates, demographics, and browser user data.

Email Segmentation

Manage and create segmented email subscriber lists to target and engage your audience.

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InterConverse Marketing Platform is free. Try It!


InterConverse Pricing

Get started for Free!      (100 customers / 1,000 emails)

  • Integrated Content Builder
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Pop-overs
  • Email and List Segmentation
  • Branded Domain Links
  • A/B Testing
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Web Browser Extensions
  • Affiliate Partner Revenue Share
  • Email & Phone Support
* As Low as


  • 500 Customers
  • 15,000 Emails


Most Popular
  • 1,000 Customers
  • 30,000 Emails


  • 10,000 Customers
  • Unlimited Emails


  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Emails

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What Clients Say

Customer Testimonails

InterConverse integrated easily into our digital marketing strategy and has help us to reduce the amount of time spent on execution and allowed us to focus more on strategy.

Miranda R. LinkAd
Customer Testimonails

InterConverse was easy to implement and allowed us to build a custom advertising asset in hardly no time at all.

Emily C. ER Entertainment
Customer Testimonails

InterConverse improved our customer acquisition rate by 25% over the course of a single marketing campaign by delivering a targeted message about our energy saving services.

John M. F10 Energy, Inc.

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